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How to Invest in Share Market? A Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

Hi Investors, Do you know- How to Invest in Share Market?

No, no problem!!


Today, we are going to discuss one of the most awaited basic topics of the stock market for as alike beginner.

There are many people who are willing to invest, but, do not know how to invest in the share market.

When we are new to the stock market and making mind to invest, then one big question in mind is.

  • How to invest in the share market?

Oh! Don’t think more now.

Here we are going to discuss how to invest in the share market wisely.

So first of all, we want to say

Nice quote doesn’t

This means we should follow this quote in our life to maintain financial discipline. Keep in mind wealth should never command us. Ok

So now, let’s take a look at all the procedures involved to take entry in share market

Here’s a step-by-step guide to putting cash in the stock market to help guarantee you’re doing it the correct way -How to Invest in Share Market?.

So this post may be somewhat longer as we are attempting to cover all the essentials that a fledgling should remember before entering the stock venture world.

Putting money into the stock market is the most dependable approach to make riches over a prolonged stretch of time periods.

Investing checklist before you start investing

Before going to invest in the stock market, there are few investing checklists that have to keep in mind and make ready for.

  1. PAN Card No
  2. Address Proof
  3. Saving Account
  4. Computer/ Laptop/ Mobile with Internet Connection
  5. Determine your investing approach
  6. Set a plan/strategy
  7. Read some investing books.
  8. Open an investment/ Demat/ Trading Account
  9. Diversify your stocks and portfolio
  10. Keep Continue investing

PAN Card No

Here we assume that you have already got a PAN no. If still, you do not PAN no, and then apply first:

To get detail information about making PAN please click on:

How to apply for PAN Card online

This is a mandatory document for your identity and for trading or investing in the share market.

Address Proof

Address proofs are very important documents to locate your- where do you live?

There are several officially valid documents to show your address proofs.

They are as follows:

Aadhaar Card (UID card)

Election Voter Card

Driving Licence etc.

If you want to do into the deep list of address proof, go to with a link

Commonly Used Address Proof Documents

Otherwise, go to next

Saving Account

Now a day, most of the people have a saving account to save some money. Saving habits are very important.

So we assume that you have already opened the savings account in any bank to retain your saved money for your future or accomplishing your luxurious need.

Computer/ Laptop/ Mobile with Internet Connection

Today, we are living in the digital era and approx everything is done digitally. All information about anything is available online.

Today, mobiles are available in every hand to get connected with society. We assume you have already the mobile in your hand.

In any case, a good mobile with 4G connection is not with you then first you have to purchase from the market or by given link click here for mobile.

If any computers/laptops/ tablets/ Notebooks are available to you then you can go ahead for your investing strategy.

Determine your investing approaches or goals

It’s very important to start investing in the share market with a specific set of goals. Start with end goals in mind. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you know what you want?

Do you want to grow you saved money to beat inflation and get higher returns?

Do you want to get some extra earning per day?

Do you want to invest for long term goals?

Do you want to build a passive income from your investments through dividends?

Are you investing for a specific goal?


Do you just want to have fun in the market along with creating wealth?

If the above-asked questions’ answers are yes then you are thinking right. You are at the right place.

If you want to just have fun and want to learn, that’s okay. But you are really serious about investing in the market then make sure that you do not over-invest or get too much attracted to the market?

Moreover, most people start the same way and define their goals later.

Anyways, if you are starting for Goal-Based Investing, do remember that the time frame for different investment goals will be different.

Your goal can be anything like buying a new house, new car, funding your higher education, children’s marriage, retirement, etc.

However, if you are investing in your retirement, then you have a bigger time frame compared to if you are investing in buying your first house.

Set a plan/strategy

After setting a defined goal, you need to define your strategies means- decide, how much, and where you will invest in stocks?

For investing in the share market, there are two ways to invest.

The first one is a lump sum (a large amount at a time).

The second is by the SIP (systematic investment plan) approach.

If you are planning small periodic investments, analyze how much you want to invest monthly.

Before deciding to invest, analyze your income, and saving money. Set disciplined expenses from your income means calculate your total expense which is genuine expenses.

Now minus the total expense from your total income and get you’re saving. Now total saving split into 5 and in which invest 20-25% in the share market. The rest is for your emergency fund.

Read some investing books.

There are a number of decent books on stock market investing that you can read to brush up the basics. There are some good books that I will strongly suggest the beginners should read are:

Plus, there are a few additional books that you can peruse to fabricate great nuts and bolts of the stock market. You can discover the rundown of ten must-peruse books for Indian stock investors here.

Pick your great stockbroker

There are a few online stock brokers in the market. Choosing an online broker is perhaps the greatest step that you have to take.

Resolve your question -How to Invest in Share Market? hereby selecting the right broker.

There are two sorts of stockbrokers in India:


  1. Full-service brokers


  1. Discount brokers


— Full-Service Brokers (Traditional Brokers)

They are conventional brokers who give exchanging, research, and warning office for stocks, products, and money. These brokers charge commissions on each exchange their customers execute.

They likewise encourage putting resources into Forex, Mutual Funds, IPOs, FDs, Bonds, and Insurance.

Scarcely any instances of full-time brokers are Angel Broking, ICICIDirect, Kotak Security, HDFC Sec, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, and so on

— Discount Brokers (Budget Brokers)

Discount brokers simply give the exchanging office to their customers. They don’t offer a warning and consequently reasonable for a ‘do-it-without anyone else’s help’ kind of customers.

They offer low brokerage, rapid, and an OK stage for exchanging stocks, products, and money subordinates.

A couple of instances of discount brokers are Zerodha, ProStocks, RKSV, Trade Smart Online, SAS on the web, and so on.

I highly recommend you to choose a full-time broker (Like Angel Broking) at the same rate of discount brokers.

Angel Broking (full-service broker) charges a brokerage of Rs 20 per order executed order on Intraday, irrespective of a number of shares or their prices.

For delivery, there is a zero brokerage charge in Angel Broking. Therefore, the maximum brokerage that you’ve to pay per trade while using the Angel platform is Rs 20 and it doesn’t depend on the volume of trading.

At the point when I contrast and best discount broker in India at that point find that Angel is one in particular which offers full support at the same cost as given by the discount brokers. It will save you a lot of brokerage charges.

To open online with Angel Broking click here

For opening a Demat account, the following documents are required:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar card (for address proof)
  3. Cancelled cheque/Bank Statement/Passbook
  4. Passport size photos


Diversify your stocks and portfolio

Presently start your stock understanding time. Most importantly begin seeing the organizations around you. Regardless of whether it is recorded on the stock trade or not, what is its present share cost, and so forth.

On the off chance that you like the item or services of any organization uncover further to discover progressively about its parent organization, by examining the general execution.

Find out about a particular organization wherein you like to contribute, first check its past development, outline, money related investigation, brand worth, and market notoriety.

A large portion of the items or services that you use in everyday life — From cleanser, cigarettes, bank, petroleum siphon, SIM card or even your inward wears, there is an organization behind everybody. Begin looking into about them.

It’s extremely significant that you expand your portfolio. Try not to put all in only one stock. Purchase stocks from organizations in various enterprises.

For instance, two stocks of Apollo Tires and JK Tires in your portfolio won’t be called as a differentiated portfolio. In spite of the fact that the organizations are unique, in any case, the two organizations have a place with similar industries. On the off chance that there is a downturn/emergency in tire part, at that point, your whole portfolio may be in RED.

A broadened portfolio can be something like Apollo tires and Hindustan Unilever stocks in your portfolio. Here, Apollo Tires is from the Tire industry and Hindustan Unilever is from the FMCG industry. Both the stocks are from various industry in this portfolio and subsequently is differentiated.

For instance in the event that you’ve been utilizing HDFC charge/Mastercard for quite a while and happy with the experience, at that point explore further about HDFC Bank.

The data of all the recorded organizations in India is freely accessible. Only a straightforward ‘Google search’ of ‘HDFC share cost’ will give you a lot of significant snippets of data. (Attempt it now!)

You don’t have to begin putting resources into stocks with shrouded diamonds. Start with the well known huge top organizations. What’s more, when you are agreeable in the market, put resources into mid and little tops.

This is an extremely unstable and significant opportunity to put resources into the share market on the grounds that approx everywhere throughout the world is confronting a Corona Virus Covid-19. So be alarm and contribute carefully.

Good luck!!!

Select a platform to track your performance

You can just utilize an Excel or Google spreadsheet to follow your stocks. Make a spreadsheet with three tables containing:

  1. The stocks that you are keen on and need to consider/research,
  2. Those stocks that you have just contemplated and discovered respectable,
  3. Miscellaneous stock-for different stocks that you need to follow.

This way, you can easily follow the stocks. Further, there are also a number of financial websites and mobile apps that you can use to keep track of the stocks.

Have an exit plan

It’s always good to have an exit plan. There are two ways to exit a stock.

Either by booking profit


by cutting a loss. Let’s discuss both these scenarios.

Basically, there are only four scenarios when you should sell a good stock in your portfolio:

  • When you badly need money
  • When the stock fundamentals have changed
  • When you find a better investment opportunity and
  • When you have reached your investment goals.

If your investment goals are met, then you can exit the stocks happily. Or at least, book a portion of the profit from your stock portfolio and shift it to other safer investment options.

On the other hand, if the stock has fallen under your risk appetite level, then again exit the stock. In short, always know your exit options before entering.

That’s all. There were seven steps that will help you learn how to invest in the share market. Now, here are a few other important points that every stock market beginner should know:

Additional points to take care

Start from small

Try not to place all your cash on the market in the first place. Start little and test what you have realized. You can begin even with a measure of Rs 500 or 1000. For the apprentices, it’s more imperative to learn than to acquire. You can invest in a huge sum once you have more certainty and experience.

Invest in blue-chip stocks (for beginners)

Blue chips are the stocks of those presumed organizations that are in the market for an extremely prolonged stretch of time, monetarily solid, and have a decent reputation of steady development and returns in the past numerous years.

For instance HDFC banks (a pioneer in the financial part),

Larsen and turbo (a pioneer in the development division),

TCS (a pioneer in the product organization), and so forth.

A couple of different instances of blue-chip stocks are Reliance Industries, Sun Pharma, State bank of India, and so on.

These organizations have a stable presentation and are less unstable. That is the reason blue-chip stocks are viewed as protected to invest in contrasted with different organizations.

It’s recommendable for fledglings to begin investing in blue chips stocks. As you gain information and experience, you can begin investing in mid-top and little top organizations.

Never invest in ‘FREE’ tips/advice

This is the most compelling motivation for why individuals lose cash in the stock market. They don’t convey enough research on the stocks and indiscriminately follow their companions/associate’s tips and counsel.

The stock market is exceptionally unique and its stock cost and conditions change each second. Possibly your companion has purchased that stock when it was undervalued, but at this point, it’s exchanging at a more significant expense run.

Possibly, your companion has an alternate leave system than yours. There are various variables required here, which may wind up with you losing the cash.

Abstain from investing in tips/counsel and do your own investigation.

Stay away from indiscriminately following the group

I know various individuals who have lost cash by aimlessly following the group. I have invested in the share market in 2019 aimlessly without dong investigation of the organization like Praj Industry at the cost of 147 for each share however its stock market only of around 60. So please abstain from following the group. Do practice yourself before investing.

Invest in what you know and comprehend

Prior to investing in any organization, first, get information about that organization. Break down the working society, its item, and market quality, plausibility of the item, and future utilization of that particular item.

Maybe, at that point, it resembles giving some more peculiar 1 lakh rupee and anticipating that he should restore the cash with premiums.

On the off chance that you are loaning cash to somebody, you pose various inquiries like what he does, what is his compensation, what is his experience, and so forth.

In any case, while investing Rs 1 lakh in an organization that individuals don’t comprehend, they overlook this regular rationale.

Comprehend what’s in store from the market

Try not to set ridiculous desires for the stock market. In the event that you need to bring in your cash twofold in one month, from the stock market, at that point, you have set your desires wrong. Have a legitimate desire to structure the market.

Individuals are content with 4% straightforward enthusiasm from the investment account, however, an arrival of 20% in a year sounds underperformance for them.

Have trained and follow your arrangement/technique

Try not to get occupied if your portfolio begins performing excessively well or really awful in the initial barely any long periods of investing.

Numerous individuals increment their investment sum just is barely any weeks on the off chance that they see their stock doing excessively well, and wind up losing over the long haul.

So also, numerous individuals leave the market soon and can’t get benefits when their stocks begin performing. Have a train and follow your methodology.

Invest normally and consistently increment your investment sum

The stock investment gives the best returns when you invest as long as possible.

Try not to invest in a singular amount at only one time and trust that the following 10 years will perceive what number of profits you got.

Invest consistently at whatever point you get a decent chance. Further, increment the investment sums as your reserve funds increment.

Keep Continue Investing and your training

Continue learning and continue developing. The stock market is a powerful spot and changes ceaselessly.

You can possibly stay aware of the stock market on the off chance that you likewise proceed with your training.

Plus, there are various more exercises which you will learn with time and experience.

Best of luck!!!!

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