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Gross profit ratio (GP ratio), Advantage, Disadvantage, Formula, Example and Interpretation

What is Gross profit ratio (GP ratio)?

Gross profit ratio (GP ratio) is a kind of profitability ratio. It exhibits the connection between gross profit and total net sales income.

It is a well-liked tool to evaluate the operational performance of the business. The ratio is obtained to divide the gross profit by net sales.

In other words, it measures how effectively an organization makes use of its materials and labor to produce and sell products profitably.

You can consider it because the amount of cash from product gross sales left over after all the direct prices related to manufacturing the product have been paid.

These direct prices are usually referred to as cost of goods bought or COGS and often include raw materials and direct labor.

Advantage of Gross Profit Ratio

  • By evaluating the net sales of the enterprise with the gross profit of the company.
  • The GP Ratio will allow the customers to know the margin of profit that the company is incomes by the buying and selling and manufacturing exercise.
  • It determines how a lot the corporate is incomes in extra of the quantity it has to pay for its working bills.
  • It helps in Inter-Firm comparability of the outcomes of buying and selling activity.
  • Gross Profit tells how an organization is doing higher or worse compared to its competitors as a result of the upper the efficiency of an organization, larger is the gross profit.
  • It determines the sting the company has available in the market.
  • Comparing the development of the Gross Profit ratio over time helps in figuring out the speed of development of the corporate.
  • This margin permits in creating budgets and forecasts.

Disadvantage of Gross Profit Ratio

  • It doesn’t take note of the bills that are incurred by the corporate that’s often charged off to the Profit and Loss Account.
  • It is barely a passive indicator of the general standing of the corporate.
  • An organization could have a constructive gross revenue margin however when all different bills are decreased, the resultant revenue could be fairly much less or generally, the corporate could also be working in losses.
  • The gross profit percentage just isn’t a metric ton in which your entire profitability of the company might be measured or judged.

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The formula of Gross Profit Ratio

The gross profit formula is calculated follows.

Both the total sales and cost of goods sold are discovered on the revenue assertion. Occasionally, COGS is damaged down into smaller classes of prices like supplies and labor.

This equation seems to be on the pure dollar amount of GP for the company, however many occasions it’s useful to calculate the gross revenue fee or margin as a share.

The gross revenue share method is calculated by subtracting the price of products bought from complete revenues and dividing the distinction by complete revenues.

Usually a gross revenue calculator would rephrase this equation and easily divide the whole GP greenback quantity we used above by the whole revenues. Both equations get the outcome.


Kamla owns a garment enterprise that designs and manufactures high-end clothes for kids. She has a number of completely different strains of clothes and has confirmed to be one of the vital successful brands in her house.

Here’s what seems on Kamla’s revenue assertion on the finish of the 12 months.

  • Total sales: $1,000,000
  • COGS: $350,000
  • Rent: $100,000
  • Utilities: $10,000
  • Office bills: $2,500


Kamla has an upcoming assembly with traders and desires to know the way to discover gross revenue and what technique to make use of.
First, we are able to calculate Kamla’s overall dollar amount of GP by subtracting the $350,000 of COGS from the $1,000,000 of total sales like this:


As you possibly can see, Kamla has a GP of $650,000. This means the products that she bought for $1M only cost her $350,000 to provide. Now she has $650,000 that can be utilized to pay for different payments like hire and utilities.

Kamla may compute this ratio in a share utilizing the gross revenue margin method. Simply divide the $650,000 GP that we already computed by the $1,000,000 of complete total sales.

Kamla is presently attaining a 65 % GP on her garments. This signifies that for each greenback of gross sales Kamla generates, she earns 65 cents in profits earlier than different business bills are paid.

Interpretation and Analysis

The gross profit technique is a vital idea as a result of it reveals administration and traders how effectively the enterprise can produce and promote merchandise. In different phrases, it reveals how worthwhile a product is.

The idea of GP is especially vital to price accountants and administration as a result of it permits them to create budgets and forecast future actions.
For example, Kamla’s GP was $650,000. This means if she needs to be worthwhile for the 12 months, all of her different prices have to be lower than $650,000.

Conversely, Kamla may view the $650,000 because of the amount of cash that may be put towards different enterprise bills or enlargement into new markets.

Investors are usually excited about GP as a share as a result of this enables them to match margins between corporations irrespective of their dimension or gross sales quantity.

For example, an investor can see Kamla’s 65 % margin and examine it to Kamla’s margin despite the fact that RL is a billion greenback firm.

It additionally permits traders an opportunity to see how worthwhile the corporate’s core enterprise actions are.

If the analysis of the Gross Profit development signifies a rise in the percentage, we are able to arrive at any of the following conclusions:

  • The value of the Opening Stock is simple or the worth of the Closing Stock is overstated.
  • There is a rise within the promoting value of the products and not using corresponding improvements in the price of items bought.
  • In an identical method, there’s a lower in the price of items bought and not using a corresponding lower within the promoting value of the products.
  • There will need to have been errors whereas recording the purchases or gross sales figures. Purchases may need to be omitted or gross sales figures may need to be been recorded in extra than the precise gross sales made i.e. boosted.

In brief, Gross Profit (GP) ratio is a measure that reveals the relationship between the Gross Profit earned by an entity and the Net Sales of the company in a way that what portion of the Net sales is achieved because of the Gross Profit of the company.

Though it’s well-liked and broadly used software for evaluating the operational efficiency of the enterprise, it isn’t a whole measure for judging the general functioning of the corporate.

What can be extra helpful is the Net Profit Ratio as a result of it takes into consideration all the different bills additionally which we will study in one other article.

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