About Us

About Us

Hi Readers!!

I am Devsharan Sah, the mind behind Ratiosys.com. And want to explain in about us regarding me.

I am an MBA in International Business from Pondicherry University, Pondicherry. And MCA from Punjab Technical University.

And have also completed CAIIB and JAIIB as well as Certificate of Specified Person from NSC.

You have invested 9 years of working experience in banking and financial services and gained lots of financial knowledge.

This blog is about online financial knowledge where shares my financial knowledge with investment decisions.

He is a good learner, innovative with a positive attitude, and committed to my work.

Ratiosys.com helps you to make the proper and most suitable decision. This helps with your financial freedom, investments, analysis of financial ratios to decide to invest.

As the name suggests Ratiosys are made with word ratio and sys i.e. rationalize and systematically.

I have searched the meaning as the given tag line of this blog “Rationalize Your Knowledge” related to personal finance.

Ratiosys.com is one of the most valuable and instructive resources of banking, investments.

It contains the financial analysis of the market, business analysis, Personal Financial Planning, Investments, Retirement Planning, Insurance, Loans.

As well as Fixed Deposits, Provident Funds, Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, Real Estate Investment, Credit Cards.

Here knowledge is about Taxation, Inheritance Planning, small-business finance, and career aspects in financial ratios, etc.

It has a unique way of presenting valuable financial news, tips, and advice with ratio analysis using highly technical and easy to understand by the common people.

Part of what makes Ratiosys.com so useful is its practical aspect.