8 Traits of Successful Savers and Investors

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“Money is honey”

Anyone can save money, but not everyone can save money successfully.

To save money successfully means to avoid touching your savings, to be consistent with contributing to your savings, and to never stop growing your savings.

All of that sounds great, but how does one actually save money successfully when life is full of unexpected expenses?

In the wake of reading individual finance throughout the previous eight years, it appears that the individuals who have their accounts leveled out have a lot of core characteristics that heighten them into financial superstardom.

We’re sharing 8 traits of people who have successfully saved money over a long period of time.

While some of these traits may not apply to everyone, you can change your savings habits!

Keep reading for the key traits of successful savers!

8 Traits of Successful Savers and Investors

Start saving at a young age

A successful saver establishes a habit of saving as soon as they begin at the young age. This is the trait we were referring to when we said not all of the traits may apply to a person.

A study done by HSBC found that most successful savers had been saving money since they were little. They were taught by their parents at a young age the importance of saving.

A Charles Schwab survey showed that only one in five parents actually talked to their teen children about spending wisely, and only half of parents actually teach their children how to save.

The past can not be changed although, change your future in your hand. Start learning all you can about saving and personal finance in general. one of the best quotes is for you that learn ore earn more!

This is one of the best time to develop 8 traits of successful savers and investors

They Start Small, although Increase Steadily

Successful savers did not become successful overnight! They started small, stayed consistent and steadily increased the amount of money that went into savings.

For most people, the hardest part about saving consistently is it seems like they don’t make enough money to cover their expenses.

Only a budget will show you if this is true. The act of saving consistently will help you build the habits you need to be successful when you do make more money.

They spend less than they earn

Successful savers and investors always spend less than they earn and carry no credit debt. They are aware of their spending habits and make a conscious effort to spend prudently.

They Take Responsibility for Their Finances

Successful savers take responsibility for their spending and general financial decisions.

This includes paying bills on time, staying out of debt (or getting out of debt), and having reserves put away for emergencies.

Successful savers take full responsibility for their financial situation, and don’t blame others for how their finances turn out.

They are aware of what money they have at all times. They have a budget in place, so they are aware of what money goes out on a consistent basis.

Conscientiously use debt as a tool

Successful savers use debt for compulsory for essential needs and develop a good strategy to resolve for repaying it. They may have student loans or a car loan, and they have a plan for repaying these debts.

They have habits to analyze the debts and make comfortable to repay in or on time by their saving and earnings. They always pay attention to their debts.

They Automate Their Savings

A very common and popular trait among successful savers is the fact that they automate their savings.

What does this mean? Automating savings means that you have scheduled transfers of money going into your savings account on a consistent basis.

This can be done through a portion of your paycheck being directly deposited into your savings account.

Another option is having a specific amount of money transferred out of your salary saving account to recurring deposits savings account.

They may instruct to their bank by giving standing instruction to deduct the specific amount of money from their regular saving account to recurring deposit account on monthly basis.

The point is, a successful saver includes savings as a part of their budget, and knows it will be taken out automatically.

They have Good Confidence

Financially intelligent people, for the most part, don’t care what other people think.

While their peers might be taking out debt to buy fancy furnished homes, top of the line cars, and tuition for preschool they can handle the fact that they don’t fit in.

They have enough confidence to know that what they’re doing is the right thing for them.

It’s important to note that while they have high self-esteem they are not in the least bit arrogant.

They Enjoy Saving Money

Most people enjoy spending money; however successful savers enjoy the opposite!

They enjoy saving money and watching their savings grow. Successful savers naturally feel more comfortable saving their money, as opposed to spending it.

They understand the importance of financial security and are not foolish about their spending. If you don’t have that natural need to save, train yourself!

Each time you want to spend your money instead of save it, ask yourself what financial security means to you. Then, ask how the purchase in question is going to help you get there.

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